About Our Brand

Our Brand Personality
Our customer-centric approach to the way we do business drives our brand personality and makes us unique.
1) Flexible
Our nimble and personalised services caters to your needs.
2) Energetic
Fast response times with a high sense of urgency.
3) Youthful
Young and daring challenger. Enthusiastic and eager to please
"We love to compete in a highly competitive market place.
-'David & Goliath' environment."
At the core of our business, we always deliver on:
4) Professionalism
Pride in the quality of our work, dedication and commitment.
5) Trustworthiness
Open and transparent relationship with clients.
Years of experience in managing essential mail and direct marketing campaigns.

Our brand promise
We are specialists in cross border mail. With our expertise and knowledge in managing mail and logistics, we are able to provide the best possible solutions to suit our cusomer's operations.
We do not provide fixed solutions. Instead, we customise our solutions to fit our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective options for their company.
We take pride in our honest and open communication with our customers.
Our customers have faith in our professionalism and credibility, and we are committed to ensuring the accuracy of the information we provide.
Our customers trust us with their mail. We ensure that your mail reaches its destination and we are on hand at every stage of the operation to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

WE aspire to lead the market in service quality, innovation and price in all areas of our business.

Mission Statement
To fulfill and exceed the expectations of our customers through superior service quality, reliable delivery, comprehensive customised solutions and commitment of our staff.

Our Quaity Policy
To support the Vision and Mission of Quantium Solutions by delivering mail solutions of the highest quality and reliability through an effective quality management system and operational excellence.

We are committed to meeting the requirements of the ISO9001 standard and continually improve to exceed our customers' expectations


Quantium Customised Logistics Solutions
Here at Quantium Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide
you with a one stop solution for your mailing needs. We
offer an entire range of customised logistics solutions beyond our
regular mailing activities that include warehousing, mail fulfilment,
printing, letter-shopping and delivery.
You never have to worry about your mail or
shipments when Quantium is helping you with them -
our reliable yet flexible solutions can cater to all your needs.

We offer you more than just a place to store your surplus stock. Our warehousing
facilities come complete with a whole range of services starting with orde taking, to after-sales support, inventory and central control management as well as collection and invoicing services.
Our warehousing activities serve to assist our customers in fulfilling specific storage,
fulfilment and distribution needs. Where mail fulfilment activities are involved,
customers can also choose to stock their surplus envelopes within the warehouse for
mailing when required as an add-on service.

Mail Fulfilment/Lettershopping
International Direct Mail is usually a time consuming and tedious process that uses
a lot of resources. This is where Quantium can help you.
With our range of high-speed processing and packaging equipment, as well as automatic machines that insert, wrap, label and fold items fast and efficiently, we can prepare your direct mail within a shorter
period of time. And when it comes to delivery, you know you can rely on our efficient
delivery network to get the items sent to your targeted customers.
With Quantium to help you in all your mail fulilment activities, all you need to do is
send your stock to us, and we will do the rest.

Laser Printing Services
Where large quantities of mailers need to be printed - whether carrier sheets,
cover-letters or reply-paid subscription cards, Quantium can provide you with solutions.
Whether your print material needs to be in black and white or in full colour, or even if
you need to mail-merge your address database with customer letters,
Quantium Solutions can help you.

Data Management and Data Printing
Quantium Solution offers your business a more cost-efficient method of processing
large amounts of customer data. Whether you need to process the data to create customised
customer lists for customer management or direct mail activities, you'll find these
capabilities at Quantium Solutions. We can also help you with the data file design, data entry,
dat maintenance and data output.

Print & Mail Services
High speed data transfer with print capabilities. Quantium Solutions provides Print and Mail
Services. Our services include high-speed electronic data transmission with unparalleled
regional fulfilment and distribution capabilities. The hassle-free yet cost-effective ent-to-end
service allows you to process and send out large quantities of important/confidential notices
containing variable data.

Pick and Pack Services
Quantium Solutions offers customers a range of flexible fulfilment services including the
breaking down of pallets for the shipment of individual cartons; picking individual items
(packs or inner packs) for order fulfilment as well as building new cartons, packs, or pallets
to fulfill customised order requirements.
With our Pick and Pack services, you can look forward to both cost and time savings as we
help you to manage your stock, pack your orders and arrange for your parcel deliveries.

**Please contact your local sales representative for more details as some of the above services
may not be available in specific localities.

We also offer a new solution for organisations - the virtual mailroom. To find out more, feel free to give our friendly mailroom professionals a call today.

Quantium Integrated Business Solutions
Quantium Solutions provides comprehensive and customised integrated business
solutions for corporate mailrooms. This includes activities ranging from the
processing of incoming and outgoing mail or courier items, to the distribution of
mail throughout the organisation, interoffice runs and sending of mail to local or
international destinations. With our team of professional mailroom staff on site
to help you, your organisation can realise more cost savings and efficiency and
yet have more time to focus on its core business activities. Included as part of
the mailroom program, our unique Integrated Mailing System (IMS) helps you
allocate mailing expenses to the right cost centres. The PC based system can be operated as a
stand-alone system or local network and can be integrated into the mailroom process for front-end
management. The mailroom solutions program is offered as both on-site or off-site solution.

Quantium Express Solutions
For urgent document/parcel deliveries, Quantium Express Solutions will provide
you with the fastest options to ensure your delivery aways reaches its
destination on time. Whether your documents or parcels need to be sent locally
or to overseas destinations, you can be assured our staff will help you find the
best solutions to send your items quickly and reliably. This service has the added convenience
of real time on line track and trace through our global express partners.

Domestic Courier Services
Suitable for time sensitive items where speed is a priority , we offer competitive rates for 1-hour,
2-hours, 4-hours and same day courier service. This service is also available for over-night or next
day service. No matter what your needs, Quantium Solutions can customise the solution to
suit your requirements.
(please check with your local sales for more information)

International Courier Services
Quantium Express Solutions offers fast and efficient delivery of your urgent international mail and
parcels with our international courier services. For added security and convinience you can track
the progress of your items via real time on-line track and trace through our global partners.

Quantium Response Solutions
Quantium Solutions offers a host of reliable response solutions for large companies
and international direct mail firms that send out huge volumes of mail each day
with a need for response management. With our expertise in the field and our
strong delivery network, you can be assured of a reliable service and customised
solutions. Our knowledgeable staff will help you plan, deliver and tailor the most
suitable response solutions for your campaigns. Regardless of your customers'
locations, with our International Reply Services (IRS), we will ensure that your response rates are
maximised, all at cos-effective rates. Conducting customer opinion surveys, sending subscription
renewals, conducting direct sales, sending distance learning materials, implementing invoice
management and gathering new leads becomes much easier with the right response programme.
Tap into global markets with our response mail solutions.

Four response mail solutions we offer are:
PO Box Service - In places where you do not have local operations, and yet would like to receive responses or mail, Quantium Solutions can help provide you with a PO Box service.
This service provides you with a local reply address which allows you to receive mail easily from customers and associates. Although your customers still need to add domestic stamps to their mail to you, they will save on international postage fees.
This will make your company more accessible to customers from other countries.
At the same time, you will also have the advantage of being able to receive faster responses from customersand great control of your replies.

Some advantages include:

-helps convey a local presence
-clients only pay for a local postage stamp
-boosts the company image
-increases the speed of response
-quick and easy set up
-cost effective
-PO boxes are cleared as required and returned via a courier service

The PO Box service can be used with our international mail service offerings.
However, most of our customers prefer to use this only where the Business Reply Paid option is not available to them, and responses or mail may come in different shapes and sizes instead of the letter or card formats.
The mail is cleared as often as you require and couriered back to an address of your choice.

Business Reply Paid Service - Quantium Solutions' Business Paid Service (BRP) provides companies without physical addresses or subsidiaries with PO Box addresses in the countries where they need to advertise or collect responses.
This helps provide more convenience to businesses as they need to be physically present at each location to collect responses.
Quantium will provide you with the necessary artwork.
For your business, this translates into cost savings as you need not set up in a subsidiary in the country in order to have a local mailing address.
You can also save on international mailing costs as you are only required to pay the local Business Reply rate for replies sent to the PO Box address within the country.

Offering reply paid postage ti respondents may also help boost your response and convey the image of having a local presence, whilst improving your company's brand image.
Your organisation will also benefit from the faster return response times and increased control of the replies.
This service can be used with our international mail services.

International Business Reply Service - Quantium Solutions also offers its customers the International Business Reply Service (IBRS).
This service is easy-to-use yet cost effective for customers who need responses from a large number of countries around the world.
Customers need only produce one standard creative artwork that can be sent to customers from several countries, and the customerscan then send their responses for free to one central PO box address.
You need only pay international postage for the replies that are returned.
IBRS makes things simpler for you as you need only print one type of artwork, and you get to enjoy the cost savings from bulk printing.
The service is available in all countries operating within Universal Postal Union (UPU) environment, and this, in some cases, may be more affordable than both Business Reply Paid Services and PO Box services where a PO Box is required for each country responding.

Quantium Parcel Solutions - When it comes to international and domestic
parcel services for organisations, Quantium provides the best solutions that
are simple to use and cost-effective service for all your parcels.
Let Quantium Solutions customise a solution for your organisation.

Domestic Pack Services - Our Domestic Pack services are designed to provide customers an easy to use yet cost-efficient method of mailing packets and parcelsup to 20kg.

International Pack Services - Our International Pack services offer a convenient and hassle-free option for customers who regularly need to send parcels overseas.
With Quantium Solutions, we keep things convenient and simple for you by finding the best solutions for your international parcels while keeping your costs low.

Quantium Freight Forwarding Solutions - Quantium Solutions provides your
company with both air freight and sea freight (Less than Container Load and Full
Container Load) forwarding services. Whether you require moving goods
around the world or within the continent, it will be hassle free and efficient with
Quantium Solutions. You could also leverage on our extensive network of carriers
and transport operators to enjoy greater flexibility and cost effective solutioins for your freight requirements.
We offer both domestic and international freight services with ooption for either port-to-port or multi-modal services.
In addition, we also provide warehousing and distribution (WND), delay in transit (DIT) and cross-docking services to cater for your supply chain needs.

Quantium Mail Solutions - When it comes to international mail services for
organisations, Quantium provides the best solutions. With years of expertise in
international mailing as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry, we are able
to propose innovative yet cost-effective and efficient methods of shipping your
mail to its final destination on time. No matter what shape or size your mail come
in, Quantium will find the best option for you. We'll provide you with a choice of
delivevry speeds, and reliable service that you can count on. Our easy to use mail
services are suitable for almost for all organisations, whether you send small of large
volumes of mail, every day or just once in a while.

Our Mailing options include:

Domestic Mail Services - Our domestic mail services are suitable for all types of business correspondence and can be catered to accomodate the mailing needs of your business.
We can arrange for either standard or registered mail servises as well as prepaid envelopes (available in selected countries) to facilitate your mailing requirements.
Quantium Solutions also offers local door-todoor delivery services for your important mail.
In selected cities where the services is available, Quantium Solution's delivery staff will personally deliver local or international mail.
However, where local postal restrictions apply, your mail will be handed over to our reliable agents in that country or to the local post office to complete the delivery.

Options available include:

a.) Addressed Mail service
Delivery of items to the intended recipients via a letterbox or doorstep, The item is delivered to the address printed on the item.
b.) Acknowledged Delivery (with Proof-of-Delivery)
Delivery of items with proof-of-delivery (P.O.D.) providing an increased level of security.
The intended addressee is required to acknowledge and sign off an acknowledgement slip for verification purposes.
However, int the event that the addressee is not presented to receive the items; a drop-off notification card will be left at the door-step to arrange for the next delivery.

International Mail Services - Quantium Solutions international mail services help provide solutions for your business mailings whether your biggest priorites are mail distribution or cost.
We provide a number of options based on your needs and budget.
This service is suitable for all types of business correspondence from statements to annual reports.
Not all mail si time sensitive or requires a high level of security.
Let Quantium Solutions customise a solution for your organisation providing you piece of mind.
For time-sensitive mail or packages, you can opt for the various delivery options Quantium Express Solutions has available for you.

Subscriber Mail Services - We have a long association with international publishers.
Thus we understand the need for fast, reliable and cost effective international distribution of subscription magazines - including subscription renewals and reader's offers.
At Quantium Solutions, we recognise the importance of the safe, timely arrival of magazines to your subscibers.
To ensure the timely delivery of your mail, we recommend our Subscriber Mail service.
Our Subscriber Mail services provide your with a reliable service for your distribution, and you can also choose from the range of mail fullfilment and response management services available to you.

Industry Solutions

Quantium Solutions provides businesses with a comprehensive range of service solutions - customised to suit both your industry and your company's specific needs.
Because we recognise that each of our customers is different, we do not offer fixed packaged solutions, but instead ensure that our products are designed based on what our customers really need.
We offer expertise and experience in a wide range of industry sectors, and provide international mail services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.
To find out more about the service solutions we offer for different industries/sectors, you can click on any of the links below or contact any one of our friendy sales representatives for a discussion on how we can best help you manage your mail/packages.

Distance Mail
Direct Mail
Mail Fulfilment/Warehousing/Lettershop
Response Mail

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